EUSSET Early-Career Lunch (for PhDs student within their first two years)

Date: Monday, lunchtime (45 Minutes) 
Costs: Free of charge. Please register during the registration process of the ECSCW. 
Previous knowledge or requirements: none, but an interest in CSCW research 

The acronym EUSSET ( stands for European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies and is a European association of researchers interested in socially-embedded digital technologies and its impact on society. EUSSET organizes a number of conferences such as ECSCW, COOP, C&T as well as many other events such as the CSCW summer school. The EUSSET organization is based on inclusiveness, transparency, and democracy and the involved researchers focus on: 

  • Exploring the social situations and practices in which digital technologies are embedded,
  • Developing new methods to engage people in the participatory construction of socially-embedded digital technologies, and
  • Contributing to the design of future socially-embedded digital technologies.

It is always important for EUSSET to better understand the needs, challenges and demands of early-career researchers. This is the only way to steer their own activities in the right direction in the long term. With this early-career lunch, I would like to give you insights into EUSSET and its activities, to collect current challenges in conducting research in the field of socially-embedded digital technologies and to present possibilities of participating in EUSSET. I give a short lecture and the rest of the event is a joint discussion. 

Thomas Ludwig