Masterclasses provide the opportunity to learn about specific CSCW methods, concepts and approaches from experts in the related field within small in-depth group discussions. Masterclasses facilitate a more focused discussion on any CSCW topic, and enable organizers to do theoretical input in lectures as well as engage participants in more hands-on workshop experiences. While masterclasses are open to a broad range of participants, these are particularly targeted at early career researchers and PhD students.

This year, we in particular invite hands-on masterclass proposals that focus on the design and creation of interactive artifacts to take advantage of the workshops’ venue, the Center for HCI at the University of Salzburg, to their full potential. The workshop venue provides the facilities and equipment needed for prototypical implementations of interactive systems (e.g., laser cutting, 3D printer, cutting plotter, saws, drilling machines, sewing machines, microcontroller and electronic components, etc.). Thereby, the venue provides the necessary creative environment to host a variety of hands-on masterclasses. The spatial, technological, material requirements (e.g., prototyping material) and any additional resources, should be clearly stated and argued for in the proposal.


Masterclasses may be half-day or full-day sessions. Proposals should be no more than 3000 words, and should include a description of the theme and goals of the master class, the background of the organiser(s) and the maximum number of participants expected. Further, please indicate any specific infrastructure or material requirements within the proposal.

Masterclasses will be selected through a single-blind review process and the organizer’s names and affiliations must be on the submission.

Submissions should be sent per email at Please follow the provided template for your submissions (available as Latex, MS Word or RTF).

Important dates:

  • 15.03.2019: Submission deadline for masterclass proposals
  • 01.04.2019: Notification to masterclass organizers
  • 08.06.2019: Masterclasses

Please direct any questions and comments to:

Workshops and Masterclasses Chairs
Bernhard Maurer, University of Salzburg, Austria
Nervo Verdezoto, University of Leicester, UK