The City

Siegen is a city in the south Westphalian part of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the basin of the upper reaches of the river Sieg and looks back on almost 800 years of history. Two castles form the silhouette of the old town next to churches from the Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque periods. The “Upper Castle” is a fortified hilltop castle, which has been home to a regional museum for art and cultural history since 1905. A particular focus is placed on the life and works of the Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens who was born in Siegen in 1577. Following the footsteps of the Nassau sovereigns one will discover the birthplace of Peter Paul Rubens. Siegen is famous for its historic half-timbered houses and its winding alleyways.

The city is ranked as a „higher centre“ in the South Westphalian urban agglomeration. The nearest cities to Siegen are Hagen to the north (83 km), Frankfurt am Main to the southeast (125 km), Koblenz to the southwest (105 km) and Cologne to the west (93 km).

Location Attractions

Lovers of art and culture can enjoy events and exhibitions all year round. First-class theatrical and concert performances, protagonists of contemporary art, original paintings by the Baroque painter Rubens: all this, and more. There is something for everybody to discover in Siegen’s cultural institutions.

Potential Social/Leisure Activities

Siegen is the greenest city in Germany and very sports-friendly. Many people find hiking and walking on the numerous trails relaxing. In Siegen, these trails also lead to sites with over 2,500 years of mining history and reserves of precious flora and fauna. Furthermore, more than 160 different kinds of sport can be played in clubs alone. But for those who are hungry for exercise and want to do something spontaneously for their fitness, Siegen offers a wider range of activities both indoors and out. The main thing is fun!