EUSSET – conference moments

EUSSET  is the European association of researchers interested in socially-embedded technologies. The EUSSET organization is based on inclusiveness, transparency, and democracy. The goal of EUSSET is to establish a strong network through a digital library, high-quality events, and an agile organization. 
ECSCW is the annual conference organized by EUSSET, and as such, ECSCW includes several EUSSET-related moments: 

On Monday, at 18:50 CEST, there will be a EUSSET announcement about the EUSSET Competence Network. Right after, at 19:00, the conference opening event is an informal discussion forum about the future of practice-centered computing, facilitated by two members of the EUSSET Steering Committee, who are looking for your point of view to enrich this ongoing question for EUSSET members.

On Tuesday, the General Assembly of EUSSET will take place from 15:00 to 15:30. Volker Wulf, chair of EUSSET, will present the financial report of EUSSET conferences, membership statistics, special situation for ECSCW 2020 under corona, amendment of the „EUSSET rules of procedure, and he will announce the results of the elections for the positions of chair-elect and treasurer. On top of these three elected positions (chair, chair-elect, treasurer), the EUSSET Steering Committee comprises a flexible number of appointed positions to cover the diverse tasks that EUSSET wants to achieve. Have a look at these positions, and think of applying to the new team!

On Wednesday at 16:00, the EUSSET-IISI Lifetime Achievement Award will be revealed. It is given for a lifetime of innovation and leadership and is honored with 5,000 Euro. The winner becomes a honorary member of EUSSET. The Award Committee is chaired by Mark Ackerman and its members are: Boris de Ruyter, Philips Research; Geraldine Fitzpatrick, TU Wien; Myriam Lewkowicz, Troyes University of Technology; and Markus Rohde, International Institute for Socio-Informatics.