Open Space

Communities of Sustainable Practice

Tanja Ertl, Philip Engelbutzeder, Dennis Lawo, Marios Mouratidis, Konstantin Aal, Volker Wulf

The Open Space corresponds to a digital exhibition of socio-ecologic topics, which are explored by the visitors via an interactive FLAKE. A FLAKE is an installation to share things, questions, rides, places, events, ideas, projects, stories, poems, creative processes and knowledge. This creates a free space for encounters and a playground for networking, where needs, resources, information and ideas can be made visible, combined and united. By the principle of sharing, FLAKE promotes relationships in which people work together and support each other. Here people find each other, share and realize common ideas. This creates a place of experimentation, experience, art and culture where sharing is created and celebrated together.

Originally, the FLAKE is used independently of digital platforms. This Open Space is the first digital FLAKE intervention, in which we investigate the overarching question of how social engagement in groups can function sustainably. Further questions in this context are why people participate in social group contexts and why not, why they participate and then stop again and how technology can support long-term participation. To find answers to these questions, we would like to learn more about your experiences, opinions and perceptions in this context.