Due to the still unpredictable and dynamic Covid-19 situation, we have decided to suspend the registration until the end of April.
At the moment, we recommend to SAVE THE DATE as ECSCW’2020 will taken place. Due to current travel and event restrictions, we are currently working on alternatives that allow remote participation.
We will provide more detailed information on this option in the next few weeks. For updates on the situation click here.

The ECSCW 2020 Main Conference fees include:

  • participation in the main conference (3 days: June 13th 2020 – June 17th 2020)
  • the welcome reception (June 12th 2020)
  • the conference dinner
  • lunch and coffee breaks

The ECSCW 2020 Pre-conference fee includes:

  • participation in the workshops on June 13th 2020 and June 14th 2020
  • the Doctoral Colloquium and Masterclass
  • the welcome reception (June 12th 2020) as well as lunch and coffee breaks

Participants can register for workshops and other pre-conference events also after the main conference registration. Discount and access codes for workshops or the doctoral colloquium will be provided by the organizers.

Early Registration (ends May 14th 2020) EUSSET Member Non-member
Standard registration package (conference + workshops/DC/MC) € 600 € 700
Student registration package (conference + workshop/DC/MC) € 435 € 535
Standard (conference only) € 455 € 555
Student (conference only) € 300 € 400
Pre-conference only (workshop/DC/MC) € 200 € 300
Standard Registration (begins May 15th 2020) EUSSET Member Non-member
Standard registration package (conference + workshops/DC/MC) € 740 € 840
Student registration package (conference + workshop/DC/MC) € 575 € 675
Standard (conference only) € 595 € 695
Student (conference only) € 440 € 540
Pre-conference only (workshop/DC/MC) € 340 € 440

For registrations after June 7th 2020 a surcharge of EUR 50 will be charged.

Additional social event tickets: EUR 80

Note: If you have not registered for the Main Conference but would like to attend the Conference Dinner, you can book a Social Event Ticket for 80 EUR. This additional Social Event Ticket must only be booked if:

  • you have only booked the ticket for the Pre-Conference and not for the Main Conference or
  • you wish to bring an accompanying person who is not a participant at the Main Conference.