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Volksbank in Südwestfalen eG

Volksbank in Südwestfalen eG supports both private customers and regional SMEs as a financial partner. More than 150,000 customers, including over 72,000 members, already rely on the bank. With a balance sheet total of a good 3.8 billion euros, it is the largest cooperative bank in the region.

More information: www.vbinswf.de

Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein

The district of Siegen-Wittgenstein is located in the south-east of North Rhine-Westphalia and is the southernmost in Westphalia. It belongs to the administrative district of Arnsberg and is a member of the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe. The seat of the district is Siegen. The district was established on 1 January 1975 as the legal successor to the previously independent districts of Siegen and Wittgenstein.

More information: www.siegen-wittgenstein.de

Price sponsor


NAVER LABS Europe is part of NAVER LABS, an ambient intelligence technology company creating services that deeply understand users and their contexts. The primary areas of research at NAVER LABS Europe are computer vision, natural language processing and machine learning and optimization. The technical expertise of the centre is enriched with the knowledge gathered from its ethnographers who develop a deep understanding of how people interact with technology to combine both human and machine elements. NAVER LABS Europe was previously the Xerox Research Centre Europe, created by Xerox in 1993. NAVER acquired the research centre in August 2017.

More information: europe.naverlabs.com

Poster sponsor

avinotec GmbH

avinotec GmbH is a technical service provider and full service provider offering turnkey, integrated solutions for live video streaming throughout Germany and internationally. For more than a decade the team from Siegen has been fascinated by multimedia, telecommunications and operating systems. In 2003 the company turned its attention to mobile telecommunication networks. The incentive was to be able to watch videos on mobile phones. Live and in a format that GSM networks (2G) are fully sufficient.

More information: www.avinotec.de

Media partners


dpunkt is a german publisher for IT, photography, maker and drawing based in Heidelberg. dpunkt offers books for users, professionals and students. The variety of topics in IT ranges from IT governance and security, software and web development, programming, Microsoft & Mac to data science, AI & machine learning and design & publishing.

More information: www.dpunkt.de


O’Reilly books provide hands-on expertise on important and cutting-edge technologies. Our authors are part of the various user groups and technical communities and therefore have first-class practical knowledge – they therefore have first-class practical knowledge. German O’Reilly books are published by dpunkt.verlag.

More information: www.oreilly.de