The conference workshops and masterclasses will take place at the Unteres Schloss campus of the University of Siegen. The main building of the campus is a castle – the Unteres Schloss – that was built in the 15th century and since 2017 the castle has been working as one of the facilities of the University.

The castle has been completely renovated so to attend to the demands of a modern university enterprise without harming the protection of the monument, which has more than 500 years of history. The 6256 m² building hosts lectures attending around 3500 students and is the workplace of more than 200 university employees.

The campus is very central and close to many other historical buildings – e.g. the Oberes Schloss, the Nikolaikirche and the Marienkirche – and museums – e.g. the Museum of Contemporary Art – that can be of interest for tourists. It can be easily reached with public transport and is located less than 10-minute walk from the city Central Station.

The new lecture rooms will be the perfect fit for the ECSCW 2020 workshops and masterclasses.


ECSCW Pre-Conference

c/o Wittgensteinhaus
Kohlbettstraße 15
57072 Siegen


The ECSCW 2020 takes place in the center of Siegen.  Siegen has a good geographical central location. On the north-south axis, Siegen is almost in the middle of Germany.

More detailed information about the conference location will be published shortly.