COVID-19 Safety Measures

At ECSCW 2022, our priority will be to ensure the safety of all the participants. 


The Organizing Committee has been working hard to quickly implement measures to ensure the running of the conference in a safe way, whilst maintaining the best possible conference experience in Coimbra.


We will require participants to wear masks (preferably ffp2 or n95 type) at all times as well as to bring rapid tests for participants to self-test daily. In addition, participants will be advised to stay in bubbles and to always keep social distancing as much as possible in every space within the conference venue and during the social events.

See below the summary of rules to keep ECSCW 2022 safe for everyone. More information on what rules apply in Coimbra regarding Covid-19 measures and a potential infection can be found here.

What you can expect from us:

  • The reception will be outside.
  • The conference dinner will take place indoors in a large space that can accommodate about 400 people, when there will be about 100 attendees. We will also accommodate participants in smaller rather than continuous tables.
  • The conference room can accommodate twice the number of participants we are expecting.
  • For the coffee breaks and lunches we will try to accommodate as many buffet-tables as possible to avoid queues. Once participants get their food and drinks they can again move outside.

Mask up

Keep your distance


Feeling Sick?

Throughout the conference, especially indoors, you are expected to wear a mask. We advise you to wear a ffp2 or n95, as these have proven much more effective compared to (self-made) cloth masks. We encourage you to wear a mask outdoors as well if you are not able to keep your distance to others.

We know that you are all looking forward to seeing your friends and colleagues again. Overall, we advise you to keep your distance from others. Avoid crowded places where possible, and mask-up if you come close to people.

We recommend that all attendees test daily. Please bring your own rapid tests, if possible. ECSCW can only provide some test kits for emergencies/if forgotten.

Please self-monitor before, during, and after your ECSCW attendance. If you notice a runny nose, a sore throat, headache, overall weakness, stomach bug or any other of the known Covid-19 symptoms, please act responsibly and be even more careful. If you are sick, you are stick.

During travel

Make preparations

Receptions & Dining

Please travel responsibly and wear a mask where possible, for your safety and for the safety of others. Many airlines have lifted their mask mandates, so it is up to the individual to keep oneself and others safe.

There is always the possibility of catching COVID-19. Please be prepared for this scenario, and talk to your institution/team/supervisor before travelling to Coimbra and have an emergency plan in case you test positive. That can include a prolonged stay and resulting expenses, and travel & international health insurance (that also covers COVID-19).

The reception will be held outside. The dinner will take place on the 30th of June inside a spacious old church. There will be smaller tables, so avoid large crowds. For coffee breaks and lunches we will try to accommodate as many tables as possible to avoid queues. Once participants got their food and drinks, they can head outside.

We are continuously reviewing and amending our Covid-19 procedures in accordance with government guidelines. Please keep your eyes open on social media and on the website, so you do not miss potential amendments.

ECSCW 2022 would not be possible without you and we are working hard to provide the best conference experience in a safe manner.

Best wishes and looking forward to welcoming you in Coimbra, 

Paula and Nervo

General Chairs

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