Keynote Talks

Opening Keynote

Professor of Design and Creative Technology, University of Sussex, UK
Professor of Interaction Design, Social Change and Sustainability at Malmö University, Sweden.

Remaking Networked Economies: Visions, Collaborations and Modest Transformations

Digital networks, big data and AI are the latest infrastructural tools of abstraction, coinciding with climate collapse, but not incidental to how it unfolds. With such powerful technology, the reach is global, but planetary does not mean Earth-centric or inclusive. If we could pause (or even rewind) the world, what qualities might we choose for our infrastructures? What cultures might we want to cultivate? And who (and what) should be included when “we” seek answers? My ambition is to learn from glimpses of diverse eco-social futures about possible alternative socio-technical choices. I offer some provocations, drawn from research into community organization and sharing, speculative design, social justice and how creative practices support transformation. My suggestions are modest, not just because my questions are too big to answer, but because I believe the most promising planetary transformations are to be found in work that connects but cannot scale.


Ann Light is Professor of Design and Creative Technology, University of Sussex, UK and Professor of Interaction Design, Social Change and Sustainability at Malmö University, Sweden. She is a design researcher and interaction theorist, specializing in participatory practice, human-computer interaction and collaborative future-making, with qualifications in humanities, arts, computer science and artificial intelligence. Her 25-year research career has focused on the politics, ethics and agency of design, exploring eco-social change-making in a range of community settings and leading interdisciplinary teams in diverse fields, from the ethical consumption of coffee to interdisciplinarity itself. She has worked with arts and grass-roots organizations and marginalized groups on five continents and is currently co-leading research on the European Union’s Creative Practices for Transformative Futures ( and UK’s Social Justice in the Digital Economy ( Beyond her academic career, she has 10 years’ professional experience in the design sector and ran an international charity using digital media for cultural exchange.

The Opening keynote will take place on Wednesday, June 29th, from 9:30 – 10:30 (GMT+ 1).

Closing Keynote

Co-founder of doDOC

Unlocking enterprise collaboration to define a new era for documentation

doDOC has turned the tables for medical and scientific documentation. With a collaborative editor that enables writers and reviewers to work on a single source of truth, with real-time updates and total access control, doDOC helps save 70% of the time needed to produce medical and scientific content. Explore the entrepreneurial path from the initial frustration of the founders with common editors until becoming a pharma-industry leading solution for document collaboration around documents


Carlos Boto is a co-founder of doDOC, leading the business’s global operations. Holding a Ph.D. in Engineering Systems from MIT/MPP, he worked with several organizations worldwide, helping them improve documentation and information collaboration practices.

The Closing keynote will take place on Friday, July 1st, from 9:30 – 10:30 (GMT+ 1).
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