Explore Trondheim

From the beautiful nature to the arts, history, technology, and even delicious food, there’s something for everyone to explore in Trondheim. If you are spending a few more days in the city, we’ve compiled a few suggestions of things you can do.

What to pack for the weather

The weather can be very unpredictable in Norway. As the saying goes, “det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær” (There is no bad weather but only bad clothes). Sometimes, it can be rainy and windy during June. The best website/app to check the weather in Norway is YR (https://www.yr.no/en). So, it is advisable to keep some weather-appropriate clothing as you are planning to visit Trondheim:

  • Rain gear (Raincoat, waterproof shoes)
  • Windproof jacket 
  • Thin warm clothes for rainy and windy days
  • Appropriate clothes for sunny days as the temperature during June can be between 9°C – 28°C.
  • If you plan to enjoy Norwegian nature through hikes, good hiking waterproof shoes are a must, as the trails are (almost) always very muddy.


Trondheim, the former capital during the Viking Age and the third-largest city in Norway, has many things to offer. A visit to the Nidaros Cathedral is part of our social program, but you can continue to explore by walking the city center loop, which will also take you to the old wooden neighborhood Bakklandet. Next to our main conference venue, you can find the Kunsthall Trondheim with free admission. Still craving more art? Check out the Trondheim Kunstmuseum. If you’re interested in how life in Norway was in the 18th and 19th centuries, you should visit the open-air museum Sverresborg. For an interactive history of popular music, we recommend a visit to Rockheim. Finally, our university has its very own NTNU university museum as well.


Located at the Trondheim Fjord and surrounded by easy-accessible nature, you can find plenty of activities. Take the northernmost tram up to Bymarka for a hike and visit the hut Grønlia, walk along the coastline with stunning views (Ladestien), or rent a kayak and end the day with a sauna and cool down in the fjord. And although according to a Norwegian saying, there is no bad weather (det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær), Trondheim is well-suited for rain-day alternatives. What about a round of indoor mini golf or swimming at Pirbadet with a view over the fjord?

  • Hiking around Trondheim
  • Outdoor activities
  • Hiking: it is suggested to use the UT app/website to plan hikes (https://ut.no/
    • Bymarka: natural protected area right next to the city, can be reached with bus 26 to Skistua or by foot from the city. There are many trails and lakes in this area and a beautiful sightseeing over the city and the fjord. The higher peak is Gråkallen, but many hike suggestion can be found on UT app.  If you want to push yourself there it the 30km Topp7 hike planned for the 11th June (https://www.topp7.no/), with options to reduce it to topp5 or topp2 or topp1. Topp1 is accessible by wheelchair.
    • Estenstadmarka: another nice area in the surrounding of the city; here you can visit Burmaklippen, take a waffle at Estenstadhytta and have a bath in the lake.
    • Other many wonderful hike areas can be found on UT or on other mountaineering apps like Komoot and AllTrails. Remember to bring windproof and waterproof gear and good waterproof hiking shoes.
    • Other fun things: sightseeing, boating
      • Korsvika is Trondheim’s beach, you can have a bath in the fjord, and there is a nice walking/running path that goes along the seaside and reaches the nice Ladekaia bar
      • Gamle Bybro and Bakklandet: nice old town areas with small streets and typical Norwegian houses. Beautiful sight of the houses on the river from bybroa bridge.
      • Nidarosdomen: a huge gothic cathedral, one of the biggest in Scandinavia. The concert before the conference dinner is going to be inside Nidarosdomen. More information and tickets if you want to go on a private visit at https://www.nidarosdomen.no/
      • Skansen: nice area where to relax by the fiord
      • Munkholmen: island in front of Trondheim that hosted a monastery and was a military defense point during World War II. 
      • Solsiden: chic area with red buildings that first were port warehouse and now are nice restaurants and bars

Eat and drink

Trondheim is home to excellent modern restaurants and places to enjoy traditional dishes. The picture on the left shows a Norwegian classic you should not miss. Waffles with brown chees (brunost ) can be enjoyed at many cafes, but one of our favorites is the old cafe Skydsstation in Bakklandet. If you want to celebrate your successful talk after the conference, head to one of the many bars in the city, for example, Den Gode Nabo.


Trøndelag is considered Norway’s food capital. From the cozy cafes to the Michelin star restaurants, you can find something to everyone’s taste.

  • Restaurants
  • Bars and pubs
  • Wine bars
  • Michelin star restaurants: Credo, Fagn and Speilsalen
  • Other fine dining to experience Norwegian cuisine: Gubalari, Troll or To Rom og Kjøkken
  • Egon restaurant at Tyholt tower which offers a beautiful 3600 view of the entire city.
  • Cheaper places with good food:
    • Grano or Una: Italian restaurant/pizza (Italian for real)
    • Backstube or local bakery HEVD
    • Super Hero Burger: good hamburgers
    • Skydsstation: norwegian food
  • For vegan options, you can check out these restaurants: Mat fra hagen, Erlings and Persilleriet and coffee shops: Isak and Kaffebrenneriet. Vegan options are additionally offered at Bangkok Café, Bror Bar, Døgnvill, Olivia and more. 
  • Bars and breweries:  Skydsstation, Raus Bar, Øx Tap Room, Antikvariatet, Den gode Nabo, Mikrobryggeriet (self-made beer)

Map with some highlights of Trondheim