Old bridge of Trondheim


Arriving in Trondheim

Airport transfer

  • Airport bus – Værnes Ekspressen. The bus departs just outside the arrival’s hall. The journey takes about 40 minutes from the airport to the city center. It is advisable to buy the tickets in advance for a cheaper price through the website https://www.vaernesekspressen.no. Otherwise, the ticket can be bought in the automatic vending machines at the airport or the bus terminal just outside the airport. The ticket is valid throughout the day it is bought, and the last bus always waits for the last plane to arrive. It is convenient to buy a roundtrip ticket.
  • Train – The train takes about 40 minutes from the airport to Trondheim city center. The train station at the airport is a short walk from the terminals through a covered walkway. The train ticket is included in the Zone A train/bus ticket and can be bought on the AtB mobile app (https://www.atb.no/en/app-atb/).
  • Collective transport from the city center to Værness Airport. You can use the Atb bus. The bus ticket is included in the Zone A train/bus ticket and can be bought on the AtB mobile app (https://www.atb.no/en/app-atb/). The closest bus stop, Sandfærhus, is a 10-minute walk away from the airport. More can be found: https://www.atb.no/trondheim-lufthavn/

Arriving by train, bus or car

You can find train and bus connections on https://www.vy.no/en

Updated information on alternative modes of transportation can be found here: https://visittrondheim.no/en/how-to-get-here/

Getting around in Trondheim

Most things are within walking distance in Trondheim. Here are a few other options to get around in Trondheim.

It is easy to travel around using the bus. Use the AtB app to plan your trip and to look at bus time schedules. Beware, the times on Google Maps are not always right. It is advised to buy the ticket in advance using the AtB app, as not all bus stops have payment machines. If you plan to use the bus throughout your stay in Trondheim, it is convenient to buy a period ticket. Buses have manual ramps for wheelchair accessibility, and the bus driver will assist in opening them. https://www.atb.no/en/app-atb/
On Friday and Saturday nights a night bus service is offered; the night bus is not included in the period ticket.

Another efficient way to go around the city is by renting ebikes. You can buy a subscription to Trondheim City Bike (trondheimbysykkel.no) and download the mobile app Trondheim Bysykkel. Through the app, you can locate the closest available bike. A bike can be unlocked from 6 am until midnight. For more information, check the website above.

For a complete overview on how to get around in Trondheim, visit https://visittrondheim.no/en/getting-around-in-trondheim/