Workshop program

Preliminary workshop program. Full program will be published soon.

WS 1: Implementing Electronic Health Records – Cases, Concepts, Questions.

Morten Hertzum (Roskilde University), Rebecca Randell (University of Bradford), Gunnar Ellingsen (UiT Arctic University of Norway) and Miria Grisot (University of Oslo)

WS 2: Spatial tensions in CSCW: The political and ethical challenges of scale.

Airi Lampinen (Stockholm University), Chiara Rossitto (Stockholm University), Roel Roscam Abbing (Malmö University), Ann Light (Malmö University and University of Sussex), Anton Fedosov (University of Zurich) and Luigina Ciolfi (University College Cork and Lero)

WS 3: Collectively Improve the Quality of Life at Work: How and Which Data to Collect and Analyze?

Claus Bossen (University of Aarhus), Christophe Chassot (LAAS-CNRS, INSA Toulouse), Caroline Datchary (LISST, Toulouse Jean Jaurès University), Sylvie Grosjean (University of Ottawa), Shion Guha (University of Toronto), Myriam Lewkowicz (LIST3N/Tech-CICO, Troyes University of Technology) and Samir Medjiah (LAAS-CNRS, Paul Sabatier University – Toulouse 3)

WS 4: The digital public encounter.

Michaela Schmidt (NTNU), Babak A. Farshchian (NTNU) and Sara Hofmann (University of Agder)

WS 5: From empathy to gamification: Inspecting motivational and sensitive methods for participation of co-researchers in healthcare.

Tim Weiler (University of Siegen), Liliana Savage Pinto (University of Siegen), David Struzek (University of Siegen), Holger Klapperich (University of Applied Sicences Düsseldorf), Alina Huldtgren (University of Applied Sicences Düsseldorf) and Claudia Müller (University of Siegen)