The conference will take place at Techno-Z, a technological campus in the north of Salzburg. Techno-Z is serviced by ÖBB trolley buses, which are equipped with wheelchair ramps. The campus itself has a spatial lay-out, and all main roads are lined with foot paths.

Main Conference Venue. The main conference building is brand new and therefore completely barrier-free as per Austrian legislation for accessible educational institutions.

Pre-Conference Venue. The venue for the pre-conference program is a bit older. The ramp to the workshop area has a slope of >10 percent and does not have a handrail, so it should be considered accessible with assistance (if assistance is needed, it will be provided by a student volunteer). A wheelchair accessible bathroom is available on the ground floor, which can be reached by elevator.

Signage. Signage at Techno-Z, and during the conference, is planned to be visual. If you have other needs (information and program sheets in braille, sign language interpreter, etc.), please contact the local chair by the end of February. 

Travel. If you need help traveling to and from the conference venue, and/or traveling to and from your hotel, please contact the local chair.

Presenting. The conference rooms and stages are accessible for wheelchairs. On-site assistance will be provided. If you have any other needs, please let the local chair know.

Child Care. A private room for nursing/pumping, with comfortable chairs, and if needed, a refrigerator, will be available in the pre-conference venue (the Center for Human-Computer Interaction). If you would need child care during the conference, please contact the local chair. If more than 5 participants need this service, the local team will try to organize a licensed day care unit.

Allergies & Dietary Requirements. In Austria, all vendors of unpackaged foods (restaurants, food trucks, cafés, etc.) are obligated to inform their customers about possible allergens in food. In most restaurants, you will find information on the menu. If not, you can ask to be informed verbally by your waiter/salesperson. The 14 allergens that are included in this law are: gluten, shellfish, eggs, fish, peanuts, soy beans, milk, legumes (including almonds, hazel-, wal-, cashew, pecan, para-, pistachio, and macademia nuts), sellery, mustard, sesame, sulfur dioxide and sulfites (in concentrations greater than 10 mg/kg or 10 mg/l), lupins, and molluscs. During the conference, vegetarian options will be available. If you have any dietary requirements, please let the local chair know.

Health. No special vaccines are needed to visit Austria, although if you’re planning to complement your conference visit with some hiking (highly recommended!), and you are likely to attract ticks, a FSME-vaccine may be in order. Under Austrian law, any health organization, public or private, is required to treat patients in an emergency situation regardless of citizenship. However, charges may occur if you do not have travel health insurance.