Pre-Conference Venues

Workshops, Masterclasses, and the Doctoral Colloquium will take place in Downtown Coimbra. We hope this will afford you the opportunity to have a real feel of the city while attending the conference. For a full map of ECSCW 2022 relevant places go here

The meeting point for the Workshops, Masterclasses, and Doctoral Colloquium will be at Portagem (see below), from 8h50 to 9h15, when a student volunteer will guide you to your room. Coffee-breaks will be provided in each of the rooms. Lunch will be at Liga dos Combatentes (see below) and again your student volunteer will guide you there and back.


Portagem – Meeting Point

In the past, the crossing point for those who made the connection between the North and the South, is now the main and central point of the city. This square, which initially had different names from the current one, such as Largo Príncipe Dom Carlos and Largo Miguel Bombarda, began to be used to collect taxes on goods that passed through the city.

Address: Largo da Portagem, 3000-337 Coimbra

Accessibility info: All good


Passaporte is a restaurant located in a building with one of the best views into the city and that, in the historical archives, is known as Casa Doutor Ângelo da Fonseca. Initially, a single-family residence, later the Governor’s residence and then the Civil Government of the District of Coimbra.

Address: R. da Couraça Estrela 13, 3000-433 Coimbra

Accessibility info: Steep slope

It will take place here: DC & MC2 


Previously the Church of the Colégio de Santo António da Estrela, it is now the delegation of the Parish council: União de Freguesias de Coimbra.

Address: R. de Fernandes Thomas 82, 3000-167 Coimbra

Accessibility info: Steep slope

It will take place here: WS1 & WS3


GAI is the municipality Investor Assistance Office. It is situated in a secluded square in town and provides personalised service to investors and entrepreneurs of the region of Coimbra.

Address: Pátio da Inquisição 3000-221 Coimbra

Accessibility info: Stairs

It will take place here: MC1 & MC5 & MC3 & MC4

Salão Brazil

Salão Brazil is part of a non-profit cultural association called ‘Jazz ao Centro. It is a unique place not only for its architecture and history (an ancient billiard room and guesthouse) but also as a reference concert venue for Portuguese and international artists.

Address: Largo do Poço, nº3, 1º Andar

Accessibility info: Stairs

It will take place here: WS4 & WS5

Coola Boola

Coola Boola is a co-work space in the heart of the city and a mid-century modern-inspired gift store with a tours and service catalogue, craft beer and food, and a tattoo guest house.

Address: Praça do Comércio nº50, 3000-116 Coimbra

Accessibility info: Elevator

It will take place here: WS6

Liga dos combatentes – Lunch

Supervised by the Ministry of National Defence, the Coimbra nucleus of the Portuguese combatants of the Great War, is a Portuguese civic and patriotic organization that brings together former combatants of the armed and security forces, with a spirit of fraternity for the war invalids, widows and orphans.
Address: R. Sofia 136, 3000-389 Coimbra
Accessibility info: All good

These places were organised in collaboration and support of Associação para a Baixa de Coimbra – APBC. You can find more information about the Association and their activities here and here

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